Let's work together for maximizing people's happiness and solve world’s toughest challenges!

1. Stress

20% of Americans report extreme stress 1


2. Depression

Major depression will be the world’s second most debilitating disorder by 2020 - World Health Organization

Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer depression or mental illness - Reuters


3. Happiness makes people 12% more productive1

Unhappiness among workers in US is costing $300 billion per year in lost productivity 3

87 percent of employees have no passion for their work, lack motivation to get the job done and are unhappy - Forbes


4. Happiness is Contagious

A stranger’s good mood can do more to lift your spirits than a $5,000 raise, which only increased happiness 2 percent, Harvard Medical School

When someone gets happy, that person’s friend experiences a 25% increased chance of becoming happy 4



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